Friday, July 31, 2009

Cheyenne, Wyoming

We decided to stay in Cheyenne, Wyoming for two nights. It looks like it could be interesting and it will be the last "western" town we will see as we head east. The English language is so strange. Who decided to pronounce Cheyenne, "shy-ann" when it makes a lot more sense to pronounce it "chay-in-ee".

By the way...........our decision to head back east was due to missing a lot of people, things and comforts. I knew that we would feel that way at some time during our trip, but I had no idea when it would happen. I think that some times we have to just "go for it" because it's the only way to learn and really experience life.

I know I've said this before, but this is a very strange lifestyle. We met a man that said he and his wife had been full timing in their RV for 12 years. It definitely takes a person with a different frame of mind to do this, however I don't think anyone can really know what it's like unless they experience it first hand. It's like trying to explain what it's like to have children to someone who has never had any.
Another interesting thing that I wasn't expecting...............we have had over 1060 hits on this blog in 31 days. That means that an average of about 34 people a day visit our blog site.'s my mom looking at it 34 times a day! ! !
Over the years Laura and I have been together we have been the most happy and satisfied when we are working toward some type of project or goal. When we get back, I'm sure we will look for something else to tackle or project to work on. I'm sure we will still travel, but just in a different way.
And I think I know who "anomoyouse" is, but I'll never tell.

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