Friday, July 24, 2009

Number 10

Today is our 10th anniversary and we are going to celebrate in Bar Nunn, Wyoming near Casper.
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We are still having problems with the engine overheating on the steep hills (even with the Jeep unhooked), so we are taking it in to have it checked out..........again. This could be crucial, because our next leg of our trip is supposed to be to The Grand Tetons. Some of the road we have to take will have an elevation of close to 9000'. So, if we can't get this thing working properly, we may be faced with a tough decision to turn around and go back to Orlando. We will see.


  1. crossing our fingers for that thing to poop out on you guys so you can haul ass back before our bdays :) theres your stinkin comment for ya!!

    I hope you find the problem with the RV, especially since you've made it this far. I would hate for you to have problems going up those mountains.
    Matt, Let your mom and Mark enjoy life a little, they deserves it!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Where did the ten years go?
    Matt and Amanda and Landon came by for a surpris visit and bought some adorable pictures of the baby.We had a great time with Landon. Got some good video of him. I don't know if I can send it or not but I'll try.
    Sorry about the motorhome troubles. Can you take a different route? There are below sea level states that are easier to travel and are beautiful too. It is still hot, humid and rainy here. Love, Mom

  4. Matt,
    Relax and let them enjoy. Based upon the maturity level of your comment, I think your old enough to drive yourself to Chuckie Cheese's.

  5. Ouch to whoever wrote the anonymous comment to Matt and so conveniently forgot to sign.

    First and foremost, I believe it is Chuck E. Cheese's. Not Chuckie cheese's.

    Secondly, I don't dig the rude comment via anonymous comment poster and as Matt's future wife I will stick up for him on the internet (but not so much in real life, I don't pack a good punch)

    So you know, knock it off! He just misses his momma.

    Ps. It would be "Based upon the maturity level of your comment, I think YOU'RE old enough...etc"

    That being said, based on the maturity (or lack thereof ) your grammar skills, I think you should drive yourself to some english courses.

    Pps. Mark I am liking the blog, and Laura I'm sorry I didn't e-mail you back I keep forgetting! I'll do that in a few minutes :D haha