Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stick Us With A Fork

Well.......................... We have been discussing whether we want to continue to the west coast and the Pacific Ocean and we have decided to call it a trip. It's been an interesting time, but it hasn't been quite what we expected. Moving from place to place is fun for a while, but it can get tiresome. Also, living in such a small space and not having any water pressure can get old. We are about 2400 miles from Orlando. We will still have to live in the RV for another 3 weeks or so in the time it takes to get back and the time it will take to move into another house.

So, I guess we will be back in time to take Matt to Chuck E. Cheese! ! ! ! LOL, LOL, LOL. Did I spell that correctly? LOL, LOL, LOL. Come on Matt, you have to admit that was funny.


  1. I'm sorry your not having fun. I guess you don't have enough "Nomad" in you to live that kind of life. Are you going to come back the same way or try a different route? I'm sure the kids will be glad to see you again.
    Keep up the blog on the way back.

  2. If you hadn't tried it you would have regretted it so that is a good thing. May be short trips are more your style. You know you will be back just in time for hurricane season. I've enjoyed the blogs and pictures. maybe you can find an interesting route back.
    Love, Mom

  3. Mark and Laura,
    Although we aren't related in any shape or form, outside of Laura and you helping me to make money and learn over the years, I'm glad you saw the humor in my comments. It was "totally" made to show interest and create some conflict in what you guys are doing. (Nothing personal Matt). I told my wife that if anyone would understand it would be Mark and Laura which has been proven above. Thanks for taking up for me Mark on your latest comment as much as Matt's future wife any rate looking forward to playing a round of golf, drinking a beer and smoking a cigar with you when you guys get back. YES Amanda, I will remain anomoyouse (I spelled it wrong just so you could give me some shit!) Love all you guys and see you soon.