Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We're Not In Kansas Anymore

What a God awful state. The people seem really nice, but I'm sure I will never live in Kansas..........and I almost never say never. I'm also sure that there is some redeeming value in Oakley, Kansas, but one might have to live a long time to discover what that might be.

Well....maybe it's a bunch of different colored, high voltage insulators on a wooden RV park bench in front of an antique store.

Anyway it's about 9:08PM (mountain time) and we are in Loveland, Colorado. Tomorrow we are going to Estes Park near Rockey National Park. I think we will stay in this area for a while.
This is such a strange lifestyle. We are always on the move. We don't know anyone. If something goes wrong, we just have to figure out how to fix it (or have someone else fix it........where ever or whoever that is).

Oh, did I ever mention satellite TV in an RV and HOW MUCH IT SUCKS! ! ! ! ! (sorry Mom). I need a fix of the Discovery, History, Spike and the Food channels. It seems like Bobby Flay always wins. Oh well.............another night of "Frasier".

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  1. Wow, I can't believe you're past Denver already.
    You're sure making good time. I'll bet this trip is bringing you two closer together as you only have each other to talk to. How's Heidi holding up through all the traveling? Can't wait to see pictures of the Grand Canyon.

  2. I can see you weren't very impressed with Kansas.Good for wheat farming
    We had an electrical storm here last night that had me hiding in the closet, One of the worse I ever remember, seemed like it would never end.
    I'm enjoying sharing this experience with you. What a great Idea.
    PS I guess you know by now that I am anonymous