Friday, July 31, 2009


We went into "Shy-ann" today and did the trolley tour. Or as one woman in our group said the trolley "turr". We also went to the Cheyenne, Wyoming Museum. It was pretty interesting . Now we know more than we ever wanted to know about the history of Cheyenne, Wyoming. They have been having a rodeo days event the last week in July since 1890 or so. I'm not sure if it was OK if we missed it or not. How do you get a job dressing up as Wild Bill Hickock and having the one hundredth and nineteenth shoot out in the streets of Cheyenne, Wyoming?

The one thing that stands out is that they had a lot of saloons out here. In the late 1800's they had sixty of them in two square blocks in "Shy-ann". I guess that people have been self medicating over the ages, but these people took it to a new level. It reminds me of the month I spent , one week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (sounds like Bob Olive). It gets really, really cold here and they didn't have Prozac back then, so I guess they did what they had to do.

Did I mention that boots were big around here? No pun intended.

I've been looking for a cowboy hat and a belt buckle for a souvenir, but I think that if I ever wore them back home , they probably would think I'm from Kissimmeee rather than from out west.

The train depot. Trains are big around here because they get so many of the natural resources like gold, coal, cattle, oil and natural gas in this area back to the east. The trains were huge in opening up the west because it is so large and desolate. I'm beginning to sound like a trolley "turr" driver.

Right now Laura's doing laundry at the facilities at the KOA, so I guess I'm doing dinner. There is a storm moving in and it starting to feel a lot like Oakley, Kansas.
Tomorrow we head though Nebraska. It's only about 500 miles and one day in our life. Ahhhh, the good life.
By the way, Laura just got back and she said the dryer's really suck (her words) and there is a storm coming......have I taken Heidi out yet? I guess I better get to work.

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  1. Now that was very interesting. You got some writing talent. It was nice to see Laura. Was there anyone else in town, it looked pretty empty, must be nice. I'd like to see you both in cowboy hats. Maybe you can borrow some.