Friday, July 10, 2009


In the movie National Lampoon's Vacation, Chevey Chase and his family gets off the interstate and gets lost. They end up in a downtown area and in a ghetto neighborhood. He stops and asks some local "home boys" for directions back to the interstate while they steal his hubcaps.
Well..............It was raining and we were lost in downtown St. Louis driving a 39' long, 14' wide, 12'-3" high motor home where every other street had a 14'-1" wide, 12'-2" high bridge that was too low for us to go under. People looked at us like we were from Mars. I almost knocked someone out with my side mirrors. We finally unhooked the jeep because we could not back up with it connected. I did a 16 point turn and finally was able to get out of the slums without asking the "home boys" how to get back to the interstate. We finally got to the Casino Queen RV Park. Not a bad view, but I don't think we will stay anywhere close to a city again.

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  1. Learning the ropes of the road the hard wa, I see
    Dad and I had our share of experiences too only we couldn't detach our trailer.